Our New Home!

Friday, October 12, 2012

First off ... sorry we haven't posted much over the past month.  We've been BUSY!  But ... no excuse ... our bad and it stops now - we are back in the blogging saddle!
Now, to the important stuff!
We have signed the contracts, paid the deposit and are currently living aboard what we hope will be our new home, a 2009 Lagoon 420 (brochure).

Stock photo - we'll take some pictures of our 'new' boat soon.
Ownership will not pass for a few weeks ... I've been holding off posting about the purchase out of a fear of jinxing us somehow ... but we are pretty much locked in and I think it's time to let our friends & family know what we are up to!

There is a list of items the seller still needs to fix/repair/replace coming out of the survey, and then there is a much much longer list of items that I want to fix/repair/replace/upgrade before we start doing any long distances ... but we are done with the search process!

Some of you know already that the process has been a bit more stressful than I anticipated (Megan keeps reminding me that I have a Steve Jobs' like 'reality distortion field' where I think almost everything is achievable and will work out fairly easily!), and I'm still fairly stressed about having made the right call, but the call has been made so now we are moving forwards!

The boat is currently lying in Guadeloupe.  We rented a car for a few days to have some fun in between the stress of getting contracts printed/scanned/signed/returned from France, etc.  (and before we were able to move on the boat to start doing work!).   In that time, we hit up a few of Guadeloupe's beaches and did a nice hike on Basse Terre to a waterfall.  This island is BEAUTIFUL!


We are hoping that the seller agrees to move the boat to St.Martin to complete the required repairs - partly so we can be in SXM for our flights back to Canada for our wedding reception, but more importantly so we can start ordering parts & upgrades in St.Martin (which is duty free) vs. here in Guadeloupe (where everything is MUCH more expensive).

So - we are now a bit stressed (about the purchase & work to be done), but also pretty excited ...

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